The complex security arenas inherent to the current security climate make it imperative for organizations to build, apply and exercise a security strategy. The building of a security strategy resides in the integration of the current threats with effective policy making for prevention, neutralization and operational superiority. This strategy must be intelligence based, have very clear objectives, a methodology ,and a process by which these goals are achieved.

Condor Security Enterprises specializes in the building, development and application of a security strategy for different threat scenarios. Our solutions are based on proactive components that are translated into an effective preventative and response oriented policy.


Security Pillars

Every organization needs to have strong building block pillars that are part of its security culture.

Security Culture

A security culture with the right principles of activity is crucial for the development of a security apparatus.

Operational Tools

Finding the right balance between the human and technological factor depends on the security objectives.


Security Vulnerabilities

The intelligence analysis of the current vulnerabilities from an adversary’s point of view. This process requires understanding what the vulnerabilities mean from the operational objectives and their effect on the organization.

Connecting the Operational Dots

This task involves understanding and preparing a security response to the existing vulnerabilities, closing the gap between the adversary’s capabilities to attack the organization versus the organization’s capabilities to prevent and respond to such scenarios.

Field Implementation

Apply a policy in real time with a set of procedures and develop a strategic apparatus for routine and emergency situations.

A doctrine is a crucial if you want to provide security to your organization through an efficient modus operandi. The organization must prioritize and decide the level of security required for its daily activities and for countering different threats. A security doctrine is based on a strategy which is based on a policy which is based on the operational objectives. The interdependence of these concepts are the building blocks for the development of a security doctrine.
Condor operates in conjunction with its partners for developing efficient security doctrines and strategies. Our solutions are varied and clients may select from different security solutions that fit the profile of the organization and can bring the required results to the table.Condor makes the client extremely active in the selection process so that there is an operational balance between the different channels of operation that are part of the respective solution.

Condor’s security concept is to combine our strategic expertise with specific operational solutions that adhere to a multidisciplinary approach with extensive innovative know how and technological expertise.

This security system is the product of our unique ability to integrate the Israeli experience to worldwide conflicts. This process is achieved by synchronizing strategic intelligence policy making and selective surgical applications in order to maximize operational objectives.

Condor’s expertise concept derives from combining our knowledge and experience to our customer’s needs and requirements. The expertise lies in finding the right adjustment between our knowledge and its applications to the client’s line of activity.




The development of resilience in a hostile crisis

Build a unique resilience program for your employees. Make them part of the solution to a crisis.

Countering social engineering in the corporate arena

Address a continuous threat to your organization by creating specific procedures, training and engage in scenarios of this threat.

Strategic software and APPS for your organization

A strategic tool that can always be part of your strategic security culture. Contact us for more information on our security apps and software.



Condor operates in various part of the world in an effort to address the need to set up a security standard in your organization. A standard is very crucial in order to stabilize and classify the security level required. Each standard must include its respective requirements and the activities required for abiding to a specific security level.
Condor offers different security standards for your organization and makes sure that you are always maintaining the required level so that you a re ready at all times.